Appeal to you

We are an independent developer of applications. Our mission is to provide worldwide information about its history, events and places that are available through the photos. Many years people created history books, academic dissertations, written pictures, music, movies, fought in wars and fight for independence. Without all the photos it does not create a complete picture, which can up details to tell anyone about his past. People who do not know his past, no future. Do not lose all of the photos in the world, and assemble them into a single knowledge base it is our primary goal

Problem of survival

Our staff consists of only 5 people, and we support today more than 50 applications and programs for the whole world. To preserve our independence, we do not place themselves in advertisements. We do not finance by any country. Our applications are available in more than 190 countries worldwide. Every day we work on the integration of all platforms and operating systems

This is a public opinion which will not allow anyone to lie or distort history. This is information that can benefit everyone and we give such an opportunity. With your help, we are ready to translate applications into all the languages of the world

The future is in our hands

Unfortunately today we carry have some overhead. We do not have enough funds to support the development, payment servers, lease, software, electricity. We ask you to make the most of a small donation, simply by purchasing any of our program. If you are interested in photography, if you do not care about the story in visual perception, keep our availability and development of the network and other countries

Once we are able to reach the level of self-financing, we will do all the applications free for all. You will be able to use any of them to tell their children, friends, acquaintances, what the world was up to today. This will leave a very positive impression and will not make mistakes in order to see what a wonderful world of tomorrow

We ask you to make the most of a small donation, or simply purchasing any of our app. Thank you